Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Blog 2.0

Mission accomplished. I have a blog. Now I can join the social elite group of geeks called "bloggers" and finally gain some sort of net acceptance. I hope I at least get a trinket of some sorts, perhaps a membership card that entitles me to discounts for Lucas films or maybe ...(dare i say it) a platinum account at Something Awful.

Speaking of Goons, Loki Elliot has inspired me to create this blog to document the metaverse that is Second Life. A platform I once called confusing and pointless and swore I would never allow myself to be roped into a 3D world of fantasy and fictional anonymity. Now, I have been swallowed whole and consumed bit it, preferring my avatar over my Real life adult. I like my avatar and his personality, it feels like my true self. Nothing to hide or be ashamed of, no responsibilities or remorse. He is kind and considerate, vengeful and protective and bordering the edge of the social uppercrust. He is welcomed and loved, joyous and carefree and always willing to extend his heart to whomever needs it.

I found myself once struggling to fit in. I was the new kid. Bad hair, bad skin and a wreckless attitude. I didn't care about the consequences, lived minute by minute and one day I humped everything that moved. I have no shame. I know what I did and readily accept the stigmata that comes with it.

Something changed for me in February. I was adopted.

A loving couple took me into their hearts and home. They treated me with love, kindness and generosity. They guided me in the right direction and as I watched their love grow, so did mine, and I remembered why I wanted to be a kid in the first place.

Now I have the same wonderful family with 2 brothers. We have all spoken on the phone or met in RL. We do projects together, discuss problems and share our pain. We are a family and we grow together. Good or bad, we get by.

My friendships have bonded in ways I could never have imagined. Wonderful things can happen when you open yourself up and let people into your heart. Be who you are, live by your own merits and always remember the kid in you!